Ladies, if it’s been a while since you decided to take a dip in the dating pool, here’s a tip that never fails. Wear something that you feel more confident in so you can make a comeback with a splash.

Calm those first date nerves and remind yourself to just be yourself and have fun instead of worrying too much about where everything is going. Dressing up well can help you make the impression you want and feel more comfortable in your skin.

Or if you and your significant other are celebrating each other after a while, a date night is a good idea to rekindle romance in your relationship. Dress up sexy in your favorite lingerie and spice things up!

What you wear depends on where you’re going on your date but we’ve compiled some foolproof date night outfits that are sure to wow your partner!

First Date: Keep it cool and casual

If your date is an old-school romantic and wants to take you out on a romantic dinner (swoon), then maybe casual isn’t a good idea. It’s time to slip into your favorite little black dress which is flattering to your body type. The best thing about this staple piece is that you can either dress it up or dress it down.

How to dress it up: Wear funky heels like these irregular choice flaming heels in the picture above to make a bold statement and a memorable entrance! You can even keep it casual and wear a dress with comfy but stylish sneakers. Find the perfect pair on our online store.

Coffee Date: Switch things up

If you’re planning to meet up in the day time, and you have to go back to work, wear something that is both professional and let’s your personality shine through. Putting in a little effort can go a long way and also make your date feel special.

Here’s the fix: Wear a casual t-shirt and pair it with matching separates or a high-waist midi skirt that’s both professional and fun. A t-shirt makes you appear laidback and the skirt adds a dress feel that’s perfect for a coffee-date to a romantic stroll in the park. You can also add a blazer on top of the t-shirt if you want to cover up for work and take it off for your date.

Long Overdue Date Night: Bring the sex appeal

If you’re going out on a date to commemorate a special occasion like a promotion or a special anniversary, remember to dress well and dress sexy! Wear clothes that highlight your best assets and the favorite parts of your body.

Your partner will appreciate the effort you put in and find your confidence even more attractive. If you want to be extra, go for it! Let your partner know you’re wearing their favorite lingerie or wear a bralette with a pair of your favorite snug jeans and a pair of boots.

Buy sexy and stylish bralettes and women’s lingerie like our baby doll line on our online store that will woo your date and make your date night even more special.

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