A t-shirt is easily the most versatile, staple piece you can have in your wardrobe. Running late for work and no time to iron? Just throw on a t-shirt. Whether you want to spend the night in or head out with your friends, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt. It’s comfortable, it fits well and you’ll always look super cute even if you’re bloated or feel like you overate. A t-shirt never discriminates.

Maybe this is why so many of us are so deeply attached to some of our t-shirts. Some of our most favorite t-shirts tend to be the ones we “borrow” from someone else’s closet. A t-shirt also adds character and speaks a lot about your personality such as your taste in music. Many of us cannot let go of our favorite rolling stones t-shirt purely for sentimental value.

Panties and Pumps stocks super high-quality t-shirts of all your favorite musicians. And here are some fun ways you can style them for every occasion!

With a blazer and sneakers

This is the perfect semi-professional look that can make you look casual but also ready to get to business. Make sure your blazer fits well and so does your t-shirt. A baggy t-shirt can come off as unkempt. But a baggy blazer with pulled up cuffs can be your 80’s revival moment if you want it to be.

Another way to keep this look classy and fresh is to wear a blazer with matching pants, instead of a pair of jeans. It’ll take you five minutes to wear this and put on a pair of your favorite sneakers for added efficiency. This is the perfect look to feel productive all day and matching separates are all the rage.

With a skirt and boots

Transitioning into the fall season means a lot more layers but if you’re not ready to let go of more flowing looks, there’s good news for you! You can tuck your favorite t-shirt into a midi skirt, either pleated or plain and put on a pair of killer knee high boots.

Feel warm and cozy and stylish all at the same time. Tie your t-shirt into a knot in the front for a bit of oomph. The t-shirt adds a bit of boyish charm and the skirt will make you feel feminine and comfy throughout the day.

With a slip-on dress and stilettos

One of the best things about t-shirt is that you can use them for color or even as a neutral base and add drama with other elements. So it depends on whether you woke up feeling like you want to dress for the runway or stick to your more basic look, a t-shirt will stand by it all.

Put on a t-shirt under a slip-on dress and a pair of statement sneakers or stilettos for an easy day to night transition. You’re dressed for the weather and ready to paint the town red after-hours!

Find a collection of diverse and high-quality t-shirts on our online store to make sure your wardrobe is complete! Apart from apparel for women you can also buy women’s accessories and footwear. 

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