Are you excited to break out all your super cute winter hats this season?

This is the ideal time to have potentially no bad hair days ever because a hat is the simplest fix. Plus, they’re the perfect accessory for all your winter outfits because you can dress them both, up and down.

It can get boring to wear your hair open underneath a hat all the time and it can get dirtier as well. There are some styles that can get in the way of wearing a hat. We’re here to make things simpler for you and help you with the best hairstyles for all your winter hats.

Pro tip: Sometimes you need to take your hat off when you’re indoors. How do you make sure you still look fly and your hair is healthy? Before putting on your hat, part your hair the other way and when you take it off, change the partition so that you have volume in your hair.

Here are the easiest hairstyles to go perfectly with all beanies, berets, baker boy caps and more!


This fun and flirty looks great for work and when you need to be out and about running errands. Just part your hair down the middle and secure your hair in a rubber band or ribbons. You can do so many different versions with this hair and end of the day just open them and let your hair out.

You can even do space buns when you want to switch up your look. Just wrap your braids into a bun and hold them in place with bobby pins. Make sure to let your hair out in the front so a couple of strands frame your face.

Pigtails look great under any kind of hat!

Messy waves

This is our favorite girl-next-door but with an edge look and stands out when you have colored hair.

You can braid your hair overnight after you wash them and they’re still a little bit wet.

Open your hair in the morning and part it in the center or on the side and put on your favorite beanie.

Don’t use too much product because it tends to weigh your hair down in the winter. Simply use a pea sized amount of serum.

French braided fringe

Add a baby french braid in the front with loose waves for more texture in your hair. Take a small section in the front and french braid it from the scalp.

Loosen the strands once you secure the braid.

You can either let it hang or pin it to the back of your head so it curves against your hair.  

Sleek and sexy

Straight hair looks great under all kinds of hat and stays in place. You can let it fall on your face and instead of covering your whole head with a beanie, push it back a bit. Whether you have short hair or long, this look is a classic.  

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