When the urge to do retail therapy for yourself kicks in, nothing competes with lingerie shopping. Buying a new pair of undies is the best feeling ever and finding the perfect bra that fits is the Holy Grail!

Fashion for women is so diverse and there are so many kinds of bras out there, some of us tend to feel lost when we enter the store. Most women don’t even know their bra size or have one that changes continuously throughout the year.

Here to help you breeze through the bra shopping experience is our helpful guide.  

A T-shirt Bra

T-shirt bras work great on a number of clothes because they are seamless and wireless. They offer plenty of support. They tend to appear invisible and any button downs, t-shirts or tops with super soft fabric smoothes out over them. Find the perfect fit for your collection of intimates and look for adjustable straps for extra support.

Empowering Bra

This kind of bra is different for each woman. It’s that one bra that fits you like a dream and keeps you comfortable throughout. It makes you feel like yourself the most and can be a bold print or a basic nude one. If putting it on makes you feel ready to achieve your goals feel amazing in your skin, then that’s the one.

Sports Bra


If you have a workout regime that you religiously follow, it’s important to protect the soft tissue in the breasts. It’s important to have a range of sports bras that offer support for different kinds of athletic activities. Whether you’re doing yoga or playing tennis or even lifting weights at the gym, make sure to keep that bust sufficiently protected.

Strapless Bra  

How many halter-tops, backless, and strapless dresses have been collecting dust in your closet, because you can never style them well? A strapless bra lets you explore ALL your wardrobe options with ease and rock out without worrying about peeking straps. Get multiple in a neutral so you can wear them underneath any color.

Plunge bra

Are you a body-positive curvy woman who loves to flaunt her body? A plunge bra is the perfect companion for all those low cut tops that make you feel feminine and fabulous. Those classic deep V-cut tops look even more amazing when you don’t have to worry about hiding your bra and constantly adjusting your shirt.

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