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Accessorizing Guide for the Holiday Season

Accessorizing Guide for the Holiday Season

Stay hot and happening this holiday season even when you’re bundled up in layers of clothes by wearing accessories that make your outfit pop, sparkle and glow. When you’re wearing one too many layers, going over the top with accessories is not a good idea. Your accessories won’t stand out and your outfit will look…

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4 Easy Hairstyles that Go Perfectly with Your Winter Hats

Easy Hairstyles that Go Perfectly with Your Winter Hats

Are you excited to break out all your super cute winter hats this season? This is the ideal time to have potentially no bad hair days ever because a hat is the simplest fix. Plus, they’re the perfect accessory for all your winter outfits because you can dress them both, up and down. It can…

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4 Tips to Transition Summer Wardrobe to the Fall


No need to blow your budget on buying new pieces for your fall wardrobe. You can repurpose your summer clothes to transition into fall season seamlessly with just a few tricks up your sleeves (pun intended). Let’s face it; it can be hard to look sexy when you’re wearing scruffy and lumpy sweaters. Your t-shirts…

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Stay Current, Stay Stylish: Wardrobe Essentials for Fall 2019

Wardrobe Essentials for Fall 2019

Fashion changes like the seasons and now that fall is here in full swing, we have plenty of fun trends to look forward to! What’s hot, what’s not, what’s dated, what’s current—it’s all a matter of what’s trending. At the end of the day though, your sense of style is what makes all the trends…

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Lingerie Buying Tips For Men


Men love to see their women in lingerie but men don’t know how to buy lingerie for women. We panties and pumps are going to tell you the secrets of buying the perfect lingerie for women.

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3 Best Tips to Dress Up For Date Night

Tips to Dress Up For Date Night

Ladies, if it’s been a while since you decided to take a dip in the dating pool, here’s a tip that never fails. Wear something that you feel more confident in so you can make a comeback with a splash. Calm those first date nerves and remind yourself to just be yourself and have fun…

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3 Creative Ways To Style A T-Shirt

Creative Ways To Style A T-Shirt

A t-shirt is easily the most versatile, staple piece you can have in your wardrobe. Running late for work and no time to iron? Just throw on a t-shirt. Whether you want to spend the night in or head out with your friends, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt. It’s comfortable, it fits well…

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5 Bras That Every Woman Must Have!

Polka Dot Lace Trim Bra

When the urge to do retail therapy for yourself kicks in, nothing competes with lingerie shopping. Buying a new pair of undies is the best feeling ever and finding the perfect bra that fits is the Holy Grail! Fashion for women is so diverse and there are so many kinds of bras out there, some…

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