College students looking for cheaper online shopping deals and moms new to the internet, unite! Online stores are the best place to hit for some amazing, affordable options for apparel, footwear and even lingerie!

76% of American adults are reported to be online shoppers. The convenience and ease of purchasing your favorite items without moving an inch, has its obvious appeal. But with clothes, sometimes you can end up being disappointed.

Maybe you ordered a size small but when you received your package, it’s a bit TOO small. You start doubting if all those extra bagels at work have finally caught up with you. But that’s probably not the case.

If the concept is completely brand new to you, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by it. But no need to worry, we’re about to cover all the basics for you!

It’s time to measure up-Literally!

You can’t always rely on the size mentioned on the product you are purchasing. There are unfortunately no standard sizes, and it varies with each label or brand. This is why it’s important to be well-equipped with your measurements. You can get yourself measured by an official seamstress or tailor if you want to be more accurate or take them yourself.

Make sure to also gaze over the sizing chart and correspond to your measurements. You can even contact the page and drop an email or call to inquire so you can be absolutely sure if the product will help you.

Become a material girl

And by this, we mean educate yourself about different materials that clothes are made of. Do you like wearing pure cottons? Are you hypo-allergenic and can’t wear spandex? Knowing about what materials you prefer and what the clothes are made of will give you an idea of what it will look like on your body. And whether it’s the kind of material you like in the first place.

Find out what’s flattering for you

Also, look through your existing wardrobe and try to determine which styles and cuts suit you the best. Some pieces make you look more flattering than others and having an idea of similar options is the best way to make sure your online purchases are a success every time.

Find out the store’s return policy

In the event that you end up getting the wrong size it’s better to inform yourself about the store’s return policy beforehand. This can help you be more relaxed when you order things and enjoy your online shopping experience. If they don’t have a return policy, stash it away and pass it off as a Christmas gift to someone else!

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