Boring Bags Are Out—Sport the Funkiest Purses in Town

Experimenting with fashion choices is not something anyone other than celebrities and entertainers are encouraged or allowed to do. This is why Panties & Pumps brings our customers the chance to push their fashion choices to the limit.

You can buy women’s bags in the craziest prints, colors, styles and sizes through our website. We stock both designer and unbranded varieties, formals and casuals, and catered to multiple age groups; though there’s really no age for fashion. For those interested, we stock Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Chamonix and many other brands.

Treat yourself to some high-fashion, high-quality ladies bags in a variety of forms. From purses to totes, clutches and backpacks, our store has a lot for you to choose from. They also come in different materials including velvet, silk, faux leather, and can be used to bring a touch of madness to even the most sophisticated outfits.

Not afraid of trying crazy things? Get one of our super bold Muppets clutches and see how you turn heads everywhere you go!

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